General Information

Jamen Zanchi
Updated Jan 28, 2019

Lions Club Softball General Information.

• No pets are allowed in park. (City Ordinance)
• No outside food is allowed in park.
• No coolers are allowed in park. Exceptions will be made if heat index is over 100 degrees to allow water coolers only.
• No tobacco products allowed in dug outs or on field. (Law)
NO SMOKING at park is allowed. (Law)
• Team Shirts can be picked up during the first week of games between the concession stand and restrooms, only a coach or assistant coach will have access to pick up the entire team shirts and sign.
• No alternations of sponsor team shirts allowed. If altered player/coach will be dismissed from the field and asked not to return until the person purchases another team shirt.
• Team and individual pictures will be taken during the first half of the ball season. Schedules will be posted on the concession stand wall. If you miss your appointment you may reschedule with the photographer.
• Parents/Coaches may buy tickets at $1.00 each for concession stand treat for each player after the game.
• Trophies will be provided for Lollipop and T-ball leagues. All coach pitches leagues will be in tournaments and only first place will be awarded medals.
• End of year parties are the responsibilities of coaches and parent’s shelters may be reserved at Spring Hill Parks and Recreation 931-487-0027.

Spring Hill TN Lions Club
Unfortunately the 2020 Summer Season has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Disclaimer: The website is privately funded and managed by Spring Hill Lions Club of TN's Softball league. It is not intended to represent all Lions Club International Organizations.